White Dove Release


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White Dove Release can make a special occasion unforgettable. They specialize in enhancing weddings, grand openings, and special events, making for wonderful memories that will last a life time.

White Dove Release has been releasing doves professionally for over 20 years. Their doves are identical to those that have been released at the Olympics, and the Pope keeps a flock, too. Their doves were released at the grand opening of the Sand’s Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. They were also released at the September 11th memorial service held at the New York New York.

Doves symbolize peace, hope, and unity. When the doves are released, they circle several times overhead, allowing the crowd to fully admire their beauty. The experience of the release is breathtaking, and "oohs!" and "aahs!" are heard from those who witness the special event.

What happens to the birds after they're released? Many frequently asked questions are answered about doves.

white dove release by wedding couple

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